Will there be any way to get an electrical charge during the week? (for FM radio, etc)

Indeed, yes we will set up power distribution stations throughout the dormitories.  The use of electricity for charging phones, cameras, etc is fine. However, our power grid cannot support Hair Dryers, Air Conditioners, Toasters, or any other device that heats or runs a motor.   Further, out of principle, we don't allow RVs to plug into our power grid, even if its just for a little light.  If an RV is found plugged into the village power system without direct authorization from David Braun, David will terminate your connection and possibily even cut your supply line.  If you are interested in bringing an RV to camp and getting power for it, you must work directly with David Braun to purchase this power, knowing that he may disconnect you if we can't handle the load.